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An inspiring short documentary featuring pro skater and seemingly all-around good human, Leo Valls, shares the history and progress of the relationship between skateboarding and the city of Bordeaux. He was on an intriguing panel called "Bad Design is a Crime: Skate Friendly Cities", and that theme continues in this short and sweet doco. The fact that he worked so hard to improve the perspectives of skaters and skateboarding in Bordeaux has been very beneficial to the city's collective mental health. The city has also become one of the world's most skateable cities as a result. By watching this with mindfulness, I am prompted to ask myself how I can give back to the community, whether in the skate community and/or in my city. - O

The story of skater, Leo Valls and his hometown of Bordeaux is an unlikely one to say the least. It’s a story where skaters, artists, lawmakers and city officials are working together to create a more skate-friendly city. But this is more than just a story about one skater and one city… this a story about redefining skateboarding’s role in the city of the future. DC Shoes presents its Yours for the Taking piece, "Skate Urbanism" featuring Leo Valls

Video published on 7 October 2019 by DC Shoes



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