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A video share from VICE News covering the topic of inclusivity in skateboarding featuring pro skater Marbie Miller, and how the queer skate community on social media helped her get back into skateboarding. Alex White of Krux Trucks breaks down the history of the perception of womxn in skateboarding from the 2000s and how it has changed. A feature of the incredible work of the skate organization, Skate like a girl. Inclusivity is an important theme in the MNSTR Skate Initiative and would like to keep highlighting rad skaters and movements that embody this concept.

'The world of skateboarding can be a very scary place if you’re not a straight cisgender male. From trick names to how products are marketed: sexism, racism and homophobia are deeply entrenched within the culture of skating. VICENews meet with skaters that are doing their part in the decades-long push to make skateboarding a more inclusive space for for women and the queer community.'

Video published in Nov 05, 2021



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