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Sharing this video interview on Neen Williams (Deathwish)... this video was made by VICE in 2017 but it conveys a timeless perspective on how to gain self-mastery while in the process of raising your self-awareness. The importance of this type of self-care to supplement your skating practice for those of you who want to skate forever. My life revolves around skating like how to make more time for it in my life as a creative professional and a mom, keeping fit and eating healthy to be able to skate for the rest of my life. It's an all around process, especially that I picked up skating later in my life at 38 and I hope to skate for many years to come as long as I take care of my mind and body for it.

'Neen Williams spent years partying through his nights and sleeping through his days, finding less time to skate. Nowadays, the pro for Deathwish has gone completely sober, eating healthy and working out to make sure he remains one of the best skaters in the business. He now has he runs his own brand of blended spices called NADC! (Not a damn chance) which is his signature sign off after his culinary reels on Instagram.' - VICE-

Neen Williams + that powerful heelflip. Photographer unknown (if anyone knows, please lmk and I'll give a proper credit)


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