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I'm sure you have heard about these mindsets before, pretty important things to figure out to see how you are driven through some self-awareness practices. Here's a quick explanation of the two types of mindsets:

A fixed mindset promotes results-driven thinking. With a fixed mindset, you focus on the outcome of a task, not its process. If you attempt a task and the outcome is unsuccessful, you assume the outcome will never be successful. Worse, the deeper you settle into this mindset, the more likely you are to dismiss something as unachievable before you’ve even tried it.

A growth mindset focuses on a task’s process rather than its outcome. As a result, those with growth mindsets see difficulties as positive challenges rather than roadblocks to success and reframe mistakes as learning opportunities. With a growth mindset, you’re more likely to embrace risk. Fear of failure doesn’t come into the equation because, in the growth mindset way of thinking, there’s nothing to fear about failure. Good thing there is nothing fixed about a fixed mindset, and there's no such thing as too late to cultivate a growth mindset.

Is your mindset helping or holding your skating back? Check out this share from The Daily Push and also a video below. The following is an excerpt from the article page written by Matt Beare...

"We’ve all heard the cliche that skating is mostly mental, and well, it’s true. But no one’s talking about why it’s true or what you can do to take control of your mental power. So in this article/video, I’m going to go over how your mindset affects literally everything, especially your skating, and how you can unleash the power of your mind to skate better and get what you want.

WTF is mindset?! The definition of mindset is “the accumulation of your attitudes and beliefs”. Your attitudes and beliefs influence everything you think and feel, how you perceive the world, but most importantly - your behaviour and what you do. For example, if you believe you'll never learn hardflips, maybe you won't try. If you think you’re not good enough to skate the local park, maybe you won’t go and you won't progress. Two important types of mindset we’re gunna talk about are: Fixed mindset & Growth mindset..."

Check out the rest of the article right hereee:

The Daily Push is a Skateboarding focused wellness website created by skater + trainer, Matt Beare. "Helping skateboarders build the physical & mental power to skate & feel how they want." The Daily Push website and Youtube channel features a wealth of information covering skate specific fitness, nutrition, and skater thoughts. The site also provides coaching and skate specific workout programmes like the NBD Skate Performance 12 week program & NBD Elite. Tonnes of health info for you to build your knowledge for your skating practice. From personal experience, the info has made my skating practice way more well rounded. Check my reel to see a glimpse of the NBD Skate performance program.

Youtube: @thedailypush

Instagram: @the.daily.push


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