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Sharing one of my fave interviews of Rodney Mullen.... I watched this in my first month of skating, a few things he said resonated with me and then I watched it again almost a year later and everything resonated with me as I've been skating for a year at the time. I thought that this was an incredible interview conducted by Tom Bilyeu with his thoughtful questions and introduction. It's about 30 minutes long and I hope you can get something out of it.

Rodney Mullen innovated skateboarding with so many game-changing tricks he is commonly referred to as “The Godfather of Street Skating”. More than his accomplishments, Rodney is most proud of inspiring those after him to dream beyond the impossible. The man whose character was featured in Tony Hawk pro skater for over a decade shares the importance and impact of shattering disbelief on this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu.


Rodney defines the barrier of disbelief and how he breaks through it. [2:44]

Rodney on the process of reinventing his free skate style. [5:10] Rodney tells how focusing on skating helped him through tough times. [10:23] Rodney and Tom discuss his injury and the painful process of bouncing back. [13:20] Rodney explains what made him throw away his trophies. [17:05] Rodney shares what things outside of skating keep him excited today. [19:45] Rodney reveals the impact he wants to have on the world. [27:45]

If you have a favorite Rodney Mullen talk or interview, please contact me or share on the comments below.



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